Research & Collections

Research on Site

The volunteers and staff of the Shippensburg Historical Society are eager to assist researchers of all kinds in exploring the holdings of the Shippensburg Historical Society. Our library reading room contains books on local history, atlases, directories, microfilm copies of local newspapers, obituary files, volumes containing historic photographs of Shippensburg’s historic district, reference works, and a number of subject binders containing information on topics of local interest.

Additionally, the Society holds extensive collections of archives, deeds, maps, photographs, and artifacts that can be accessed using the PastPerfect computer catalogue. Those items must be retrieved by our staff or docents and may not be available at all times. For those wishing to conduct research in our photograph, archive, or artifacts collections, it is highly advisable to contact us before you visit to ensure that we have the necessary staff available to assist you.

There is a research fee of $ 2 for patrons who are not members of the Shippensburg Historical Society. The research fee allows access to our library, genealogy, archival, and photographic holdings. Members of the Shippensburg Historical Society have access to these resources free of charge, as do students. Photocopies are $.25 per page for non-members, $.10 a page for members and students.

Off-Site Research Requests

For those who are unable to visit the Shippensburg Historical Society in person, we will try to assist all mail, email, or telephone requests for historical or genealogical information pertaining to the Shippensburg area. However, due to our limited staff resources, we can only provide free research assistance for requests requiring fifteen minutes or less of staff time to resolve. For more extensive research inquiries, we will charge a rate of $20 per hour (or $5 for every fifteen minutes) to conduct research on your behalf. Photocopies are $.25 per page for non-members, $.10 a page for members.